What happens when I move to a different home/network?

Follow the instructions relevant to your situation:


1. Using the same router in a new space.

If you move your router along with your lights, it should all continue working as usual.

Here's how to change the set-up of your lights and groups, and here's how to change the location name.


2. New router but with the exact same name (SSID) & password.

The LIFX App should still recognize the lights. You don't have to do anything in this scenario.


3. New router with new name OR existing router but with a new name or password.

You will need to hardware reset the lights and reconnect them, just as you did the first time you set-up your lights.

To reset the light follow these instructions.

To add the light to the new network follow these instructions.

Schedules and scenes will still work with the lights once reconnected. If you use the same light names, all other integrations should work as expected as well.


For express support and step by step instructions, please go to:  https://lifx.typeform.com/to/fQ9I3W

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