Google Home and Google Assistant

Why connect with The Google Assistant (Google Home)?

Connecting your LIFX lights to The Google Assistant will allow you use voice commands to control your LIFX lights with your Google Home, Pixel and more.

NEW Google Sync

Google has recently added a "Sync my lights" command. This allows you to add new lights, without going through the process below, from scratch. You can simply ask "OK, Google, Sync my lights", as long as the account is already setup, new lights you add, will be easily added to voice control.

How do I get started?

  1. First, make sure that your lights are connected to your LIFX cloud account
  2. Ensure that you have the Google Home app on your device and a Google Home account set up.

  3. Now let’s link the accounts by opening the Google Home app and clicking on the ‘+’ Add  button, then “Set up device” and “Works with Google” 

  4. Search for LIFX in the list of devices and tap on “LIFX”

  5. Enter your LIFX cloud email and password (the same as what you use in the LIFX app)

  6. Your devices will now appear in the Google Home app! It’s time to start telling The Google Assistant to control your lights!
  7. For even greater control tap on the ‘ROOMS’ tab to great Rooms (Groups) for your Google Home to control groups of your lights.

  8. To assign lights to rooms tap ‘Assign Room’ then the pencil next to a light.

  9. Simply select the room you want the light in and click back to repeat for all your lights.

  10. You’re all set! You can now control your LIFX lights and rooms using Google Home or The Google Assistant!


What can I say to The Google Assistant (Google Home)?


Commands Colors
Action Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google", then...
Turn a light on or off "Turn on/off [light name]"
Dim a light "Dim [light name]"
Brighten a light "Brighten [light name]"
Set the brightness to a percentage "Set [light name] to {80%}"
Dim or brighten a light by a percentage "Dim/Brighten [light name] by {50%}"
Change color of a light "Turn [light name] {color}"
Turn on or off all lights "Turn on/off all the lights"
Turn on scene "Turn on [scene name]"


Download the Google Home App

On iOS  Google Home (iOS App Store)

On AndroidGoogle Home (Google Play Store)

Important note - if your Google Home has multiple users you must link your LIFX account to all users accounts.

For express support and step by step instructions, please go to:

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