Using Infrared (IR) with your LIFX + (Plus)

The LIFX + bulbs have the added ability to use 950nm infrared (IR) inside the bulb.
If you have Night Vision cameras, you can extend the visible area the camera can see at night. Check your camera manual, or website, to make sure your camera can see 950nm IR light.
In the LIFX app, the control screen for IR bulbs shows an "Eye" icon, above the control wheels. This shows you in the app, what bulb has IR as an option.
Note: You can schedule IR to come on at certain times, and be off as well. LIFX Schedules
You can also choose to disable IR. In the same control screen in the app, tap the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner (iOS) or Gear icon (Android), to get to the 'Light Settings' for the bulb. 


You can choose to have IR at 100%, 50%, or off. The IR turns on to these settings when the LIFX brightness for regular light is at 10% or less. Also, when you turn off the regular light from the app, the IR turns on, to the setting you chose.

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