Bending LIFX Z Strips 

It is possible to bend LIFX Z strips, up to 90º, when done properly.

Here are a few examples, of what to do, and what not to do.

In the example below, the strip has been bent in a way that damages the strip. 


Here's the correct way to bend a strip up to 90º.


For making corners, this is a great way to get the corner for behind a TV, or something else, without damaging the strip.



Cutting LIFX Z Strips to fit

We are not able to warranty strips that have been cut. A strip that has been cut, will need to be the last strip in the line of your strips.
Make sure if you are doing this, you are measuring from the male pins to where you want the strip to end.
1. Turn off all power to strip
2. Find empty white space after each zone of 6 LEDs
2. Cut strip between zones ONLY (see photo below)
3. Zone count the strip
How to Zone count the strip:
1. Connect all strips
2. Turn on power to strip
3. Press button on controller for 1 second
4. Strip will flash from controller to end of strip.

Options for where to cut a LIFX Z strip. Between each 6 LEDs. At the solder point at .5m, or between the LEDs with empty white space, and no oval metal connector.


A close up between the LED zones.



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